The essence in resilient leadership

To The Gold Mine

Key Points

  1. A truly resilient organization is one that has transformed, having built the attitudes, beliefs, agility, and structures into its DNA that enable it to not just recover to where it was, but catapult forward—quickly.
  2. Resilient leaders are defined first by who they are in embodying five essential qualities and then by what they do across three critical time frames: Respond, Recover, and Thrive.
  3. Resilient leaders shift mindsets, navigate uncertainties, and invest in building trust to develop a recovery playbook that serves as a solid foundation for the post-COVID-19 future.
  4. Resilient leaders must start by defining the destination at the end of recovery and envision  it in terms of desired stakeholder outcomes.
  5. The physical, emotional, financial and digital dimensions of trust must be nurtured to rebuild confidence  with stakeholders.  
  6. The article describes four important moves that organizations must successfully execute to be able to successfully navigate through the recovery phase of Covid-19. 
  7. As organizations emerge from Recover and transition into the Thrive phase, trust, coupled with the five qualities of resilient leadership, serves as a strong foundation on which resilient leaders can build the business models to address the new markets that will emerge.
  8. The article also discusses C-suite considerations for the recovery playbook in detail, and includes discussions around growth and profitability, Digital transformation, Workforce structures, and managing stakeholder expectations.