Authenticity is easy to spot. It has a powerful way of weaving otherwise impenetrable layers of a business. Kind of like magic, but better because it's real.

At a time when the nursing profession is front & center & top of mind, Portland based company BALA(@wearebala!) made it their mission to make nursing the most respected profession in the world.

Co-founded by 3 former Nike execs: Brian Lockard, John Eberle & Caprice Neely, BALA is growing very very quickly. And it’s no wonder. Not only do the founders know what they’re doing with footwear, they’re obsessed with the brutality of 12-hour nursing shifts.

The first product line “Twelves” (of course) is going gang busters. Why? The power of their #inspiredmission leads them to success. In designing “the Twelves”

The team hung out in hospital corridors, talked to 100’s of nurses & observed every detail about the “the sitting, the standing, sprinting and – the fluids…”

They co-created a shoe with nurses, for nurses. So, it actually works.

Marketing and promotion of this new “niche” line?

No smoke & mirrors there either. Authenticity has its own language and Bala’s is really really CLEVER. (see awesome video below)

What a novel way of doing business…. See a problem. Solve it. Care. Deliver your craft. Talk about it naturally. Holy cow. This belongs in Harvard Business School somewhere.

Congratulations BALA – we are inspired & so so proud of what you’re doing.

On the edge of our seats for what’s next!

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Publication: May, 2021