Question: What’s purpose without values? Answer: Nothing. At. All.

The purpose of Theranos was very impressive:
‘To revolutionize healthcare by providing actionable information accessible to everyone at the time when it’s need the most.’

Big statements without commitment to a basic set of behavioural standards means nothing, however.

We used to get away with publishing our values in the corporate sector but not doing them. Such dissonance has been so normal across the corporate sector that we started recognizing and celebrating the rare moments when a lone employee had enough courage to actually put themselves out on a career limb and ‘do the right thing’.

During her brief but notorious reign as Theranos’s founder and chief executive, Elizabeth Holmes took corporate disregard for human values to another whole level. Elizabeth and her executive inner circle seemed to count on it still being ok in business to say big things without having to do big things.

Shocking article here on the downfall of this spectacularly uninspired company:

Publication: June 15, 2018