Fashion Companies


Companies thinking about the lifetime value of customers when making short term choices. How about that for a change?

Inspired Companies take cues from the new C.E.O.s (Consumers Employees and Outsiders.) on how to create advantage in the 21st Century. Other companies are not listening carefully enough.

REI, Patagonia and Eileen Fisher are a group of fashion brands producing apparel at quality levels they’d be proud to recycle years later and sell again. That’s a refreshing change from years of ‘stack ‘em high, let ‘em fly’ apparel retailing.

We’d also call that Inspired Profit. Profit made without extracting from the planet or humanity.

Profit is not bad. It’s just got a bad reputation from an egregious amount of poor 20th Century business practices that took more than they gave back to people and our planet. This article gives an example of how business can step into the 21st Century with the rest of us.

Publication: June 2020