Ben & Jerry's


Purposeful Profit. // Ben & Jerry’s knows who they are & what they stand for. They speak out when something’s not right. And customers keep coming back for more.

There used to be a very clear line between politics and business. For most of the 20th Century, neither dared step into the others’ territory.

That is no longer the case. Whether you are responsible for the brand of a nation, community or company, being clear on what you and your organisation stands for is essential. Today more than ever.

In the case of a company, the believability factor of a brand goes straight to the bottom line more quickly and potently than ever.

Ben & Jerry’s believability factor is super high. They live and breathe what they say and promise in a way that is so natural you forget they actually sell ice cream.

The payoff for their authenticity? Customers 2.5 times more loyal than their competitors. Otherwise known as Inspired Profit. Find out more in Chapter 10 of Inspired INC.

Publication: June 12, 2020