Airbnb Chief leads with his own version of Inspired leadership. Commitment to purpose & values lens for everyday decision making makes even the hardest decisions bearable.

Breathtaking leadership demonstrated by Airbnb Chief Executive Brian Chesky in the difficult decision to lay-off staff this year. Here are the headlines:

Facing two significant unknowns – uncertainty as to when travel will resume and what form it may take in the future – Chesky was forced to lay off close to a quarter of Airbnb’s staff in May 2020.

In the moment where tough choices need to be made, this is a company we should pay attention to. In the article, Chesky points to a number of principles that grounded his toughest decisions. A few standouts being:
– support diversity
– one-on-one connection and
– delivering complete information.

For those who think “Purpose” is something you do when you have extra resources or for when times are good, you’re missing the point. Chesky shows clearly how a fierce commitment to purpose and values as an ongoing and daily lens for decision making makes even the hardest decisions that much more bearable.

That’s why purpose matters.
That’s its greatest power.
That’s why companies that have inspired purpose know how to lead from the front to create the future.

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Publication: May 7, 2020