Most companies are only a tweet or YouTube upload from chaos. More people than ever are influencing the success or failure of your business, and traditional business leaders aren’t the only ones in charge anymore. Meet the new C.E.Os: the Customers, Employees and Outsiders who can make or break your company faster than ever. Inspired INC. is an indispensable roadmap to getting them onside.

Inspired INC. offers a brilliant guide to the new and newly demanding landscape in which companies operate. If Anand Giridharadas ‘Winner takes all’ asks powerful and necessary questions of today’s business leaders, ‘Inspired INC.’ offers some actionable answers. This is a book many business leaders will have been waiting for, and will benefit from reading.
— Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander, Senior Fellow, Harvard University.

Nearly every business in free market society has the potential to deliver something huge. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell. B2B or B2C, mega or micro, public or private, things or thoughts. We live in a world where companies can reach whoever they want, whenever they want. Whatever business you’re in, opportunity is there for the taking.

But here’s the flip side: This is also a world where a newly empowered crowd of consumers, employees and other ordinary citizens, not marketing dollars, shape brands. Are today’s companies ready for this new game? Do they understand how radically the base of power has shifted over to the crowd?

From where we sit, it sure doesn’t seem like it. As corporate executives witnessing and dealing with this rapid power shift, we see why the winning business strategies of the past are failing in this new reality. In Inspired INC. we offer a way to create sustained advantage.

Inspired Companies pursue big ideas with many winners, and they deliver in a way that recruits the world to work with them, not against. The rules of engagement and the playing field for business have dramatically changed, and there’s a ton of value for those taking notice.

Welcome to the future.



There’s a lot of haziness around what being a purpose-led company means. The most successful are those that are led and inspired by big ideas, and deliver in a way that recruits the rest of the world to help them succeed. We call them Inspired Companies. Lisa, Emily and Nicole have been working together for 5 years to dissect what it takes to become one and create a roadmap for others to follow. They’ve stress tested the framework and strategies you’ll see in Inspired INC. and feel very confident they will support leadership efforts during this new era where power has shifted to the new C.E.O.’s.  However, it can always get better.  They are hoping you will share your insights and learnings as they navigate this new corporate territory. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest and post or send through examples or learnings of your own at



Lisa MacCallum is co-author of the book Inspired INC. (on sale now) and Founder of Inspired Companies. A former Nike vice president, Lisa advises large companies on how to build trust, resilience and brand distinction in a world where customers, employees and a range of other stakeholders have unprecedented power. She is a high impact public speaker, corporate board and c-suite advisor for internationally recognized brands, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Councilor of Australia’s Bond University. During her long career at Nike, Lisa held commercial and brand leadership positions in the USA and globally, specializing in long term strategy, consumer positioning and business turnarounds. As Managing Director of the Nike Foundation she also lead the teams responsible for launching the award-winning Girl Effect and DesignedtoMove global alliances. 



Emily Brew is co-author of the book Inspired INC. and a co-creator of Inspired Companies. As the Principal of Brew Advisors, she is a brand strategist who helps organizations across sectors to deepen connections, fuel movements and instigate innovation to drive change. As Creative Brand Director for the Nike Foundation, Emily led the creative development of the breakthrough concept, the Girl Effect, which has been featured at the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative and TED, among many others. She also led the team that created The Clock is Ticking, which won the TED Ads Worth Spreading Challenge in 2011.



Nicole is a key contributor to Inspired INC. She’s a writer and communications strategist who’s worked on everything from democracy and cybersecurity to financial services and talent acquisition. She’s also the co-founder of Amavitae, a technology company that helps people discover what they’d love to do and shows them how to get there. Throughout her career, Nicole has worked with a diverse group of talented people who want to change the world. As part of that, she’s launched a foundation in the Middle East, researched microfinance organizations in 85 countries, and helped companies of all sizes be relevant in new markets.

Business Purpose has been the subject of numerous academic dissertations, but few blend the theory with concrete examples and a future focussed narrative. ‘Inspired INC.’ delivers that and so much more. It is thought provoking and inspiring and serves as a handbook to deliver on the promise of purposeful business while managing for the constraints and practicalities of public markets and a shareholder primacy era. I highly recommend this to any leaders looking to deliver on the market advantage of sustainable business purpose.
— Mark Wilson | NED Blackrock U.S.