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Nearly every business in free market society has the potential to deliver something huge. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell. B2B or B2C, mega or micro, public or private, things or thoughts. We live in a world where companies can reach whoever they want, whenever they want. Whatever business you’re in, opportunity is there for the taking.

But here’s the flip side: This is also a world where a newly empowered crowd of consumers, employees and other ordinary citizens, not marketing dollars, shape brands.

Are today’s companies ready for this new game?
Do they understand how radically the base of power has shifted over to the crowd?

From where we sit, it sure doesn’t seem like it. As corporate executives witnessing and
dealing with this rapid power shift, we see why: the winning business strategies of the past are failing in this new reality. In Inspired Companies, we offer a way to create sustained advantage:


Inspired Companies pursue big ideas with many winners, and they deliver in a way that
recruits the world to work with them, not against. The rules of engagement and the playing field for business have dramatically changed, and there’s a ton of value for those taking notice.

Welcome to the future.