Organize Around Ideas, Not Silos

There’s a good chance a company with the tagline “Better Microbes. Better Crops. Better World.” is going to be just fine by us. Feeding everyone and keeping them healthy? Yes, please.

 We don’t claim to know much about this company, but they caught our eye when Yale Insights profiled them. Turns out this is a company without a hierarchy. Seriously. AgBiome has no management. Just a few committees of employees who love what they do. It’s all about people using their passion and expertise to solve serious problems.

If you spend any time with us at all, you know we talk a lot about organizing around ideas and not silos. It looks to us like AgBiome has a found an interesting way to deal with that: Hire passionate people and then trust them.

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

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