Obsessive KPIs

Tony’s Chocolonely is showing us just what big, audacious KPIs look like. Tony’s is into making slave-free chocolate. But the thing is, they don’t just want to make slave free chocolate themselves. They want to make the whole industry slave-free – a pretty big deal since most of the major chocolate producers admit to supply chains tainted by child and slave labor. (And, since we just ruined many chocolate options for you, you’ll be glad to know Tony’s makes amazing slave-free chocolate.)

Of course, Tony’s has goals and metrics related to their financial health – revenue growth, net profit, market share, brand preference and the like. Like many companies, they also look at their environmental footprint, aiming for full carbon offset, as well as offset along the supply chain and replanting of harvested product. But let’s look at this slave-free business. “Tony’s vision is 100 percent slave free chocolate.” In their 2016 annual report, they specifically outline three key strategies to bring the whole industry in line with this vision: create awareness, lead by example, inspire imitation.