The mission of Inspired Companies is to transition businesses into a force the world will get behind. 


We’ve spent 5 years dissecting what it takes to become a company the world will get behind – learning from examples across sectors, countries and companies. We are committed to sharing as much as we know on how to do this as fast as possible so that more people can work for, buy from and work with Inspired Companies.



Lisa MacCallum is co-author of the book Inspired INC. (on pre-sale now) and Founder of Inspired Companies. A former Nike vice president, Lisa advises large companies on how to build trust, resilience and brand distinction in a world where customers, employees and a range of other stakeholders have unprecedented power. She is a high-impact public speaker, corporate board and c-suite advisor for internationally recognized brands, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Councilor of Australia’s Bond University. During her long career at Nike, Lisa held commercial and brand leadership positions in the USA and globally, specializing in long term strategy, consumer positioning and business turnarounds.

As Managing Director of the Nike Foundation she also lead the teams responsible for launching the award-winning Girl Effect and DesignedtoMove global alliances.